James Clough


Western Washington University Political Science graduate looking to help

elect progressive candidates and affect policy changes at the State and

Federal level. Excited to work with campaigns as a Manager or

Field Organizer.


Washington State Neighborhood Research Group
2019-Present, Outreach Director

  • Recognized by team as a subject matter expert regarding

data collection policy and procedures.

  • Lead a daily team of phone bankers to call into competitive districts and gain insight on local voter issues.

  • Carried out team administration duties including collecting hours for payroll, employee scheduling, and workload assignment.

Friends of Maria Cantwell
2018 Campaign, Canvassing Manager

  • Represented the Cantwell Campaign to the Washington State

    Democratic Coordinated Campaign (WDCC) on media for flyers

    and social media campaigns.

  • Ensured Cantwell’s top billing for Cantwell on all WDCC material

    in Whatcom County.

  • Coordinated volunteers during canvassing events for Cantwell,

    educating participants on the MiniVan App and the value

    of quality engagements to the campaign.

Congresswoman Suzan Del Bene
2017 Summer, Intern - Community Liaison

  • Assisted a Delbene Community Liaison through 50+ organized

    engagements with Skagit and Whatcom Democrats.

  • Duties included summarizing engagements in concise reports

    for Delbene policy advisors.

  • Prepared event memos for the Congresswoman and staffed

    townhalls and business tours.


Community Organizing
Using home and voter demographic data to drive canvassing strategy.

Engagement Scripting

Crafting situational scripts for canvassing and phone-banking teams.

Staff & Volunteer Training

Training volunteers and paid staff on outreach discussions and app usage.

Canvassing & Phone Banking

Leading teams to gather resident data and convey campaign messages.

VoteBuilder & Voter-Science

System Admin proficiency, used when managing canvassing campaigns.



Western Washington University

Political Science, Graduated Spring 2015
Focus on Healthcare, Foreign Policy, and State Politics.



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